Welcome to Roslagens Dwarf Hamster Breeding!

We were registered breeders of Swedish Hamster Association in 2009 and in Swedish Dwarf Hamster Society 2012 (when the association was founded).

We breed both Russian Winter White Dwarf Hamster and Campbell's dwarf hamster.

Our primary breeding goal is to produce nice, cozy, healthy and long-lived dwarf hamsters. Their temperament is the most important thing for us. It means that we with great care are selecting the most suitable hamsters for breeding.

Then I, Helena, is international hamster judge so is appearance is also important. But if I have two hamsters where the Hamster 1 has a little better appearance, but don’t like to cuddle with people so much that Hamster 2 do. Then it's Hamster 2 that I choose to use in my breeding.

We show our dwarf hamsters both in Sweden and other places in Europe.
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