Welcome to Roslagens Mammals Care!

We are a small company that aims to be working with quality instead of quantity.

We are active are in several different areas, dwarf hamster breeding, therapy dog ​​mission, dog breeding, personal care, various types of services such as dwarf hamster guesthouses, nail clipping and store (sometimes mobile or delivered by pre-order items) with products that we use ourselves and think is good.

Our business

Consideration, inspiration and well-being of today's families and their pets.

Our product range

We sell products that we ourselves have experience and can in good conscience recommend to others. Products of us contributes to the wellbeing and health of both pets pets and their owners.
Our goal is to inspire families to spend a relaxing time with or without companion animals as pets. In addition to products that encourages play and activity with your pet, we have products that the family can get involved with together or independently.
To create things on your own or with someone else is one of many ways in which you can relax and increase your well-being on. Another way is to take relaxing foot bath or a separate spa day at home.
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Dwarf Hamster Breeding

We started as a dwarf hamster breeders in 2009 with the breeders name Roslagens Dwarf Hamster Breeding and prefix Roslagens.

Today we have a breeding that is registered with the provincial government. We can always supply the hamster kids, young animals (12 weeks and older) and retired breeding hamsters.
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Therapy Dog / Dog breeding

We are educating our first therapy dogs.